To Help Support

Joining the Guild is the primary way to support the cause for Dorothy Day’s canonization. But there are other vital ways to be involved. You can participate by affirming the importance of her “cause” to people in your respective “pew” or community; you can invite friends and colleagues to sign the petition; you can continue to visit this site (and encourage others as well!) to see what new has been added; you can request and distribute prayer cards and other materials; you can contact the Guild office to set up an educational event; you can volunteer in the office; you can serve as a liaison to the Guild — helping to share the unique gift of Day’s life and work.

The Guild also needs help in raising funds, over and above the basic costs of maintaining its modest office, toward the development of the “positio” and related matters that comprise the formal presentation to be made in Rome. (For more detailed information, including opportunities for giving, please contact the Guild office.)

Finally, we need your ongoing prayers and the inspiration of your personal stories and reflections, bearing witness to the continuing impact of Dorothy Day’s life on your own. Please¬†read more on the Share¬†Stories page.

However you choose to become actively involved, we thank you again and again for your help in building this grassroots, widespread movement — upholding that, in Dorothy Day, this American convert, this woman of conscience, we truly have a saint for our time.

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