Part of the mission of the Guild is to help spread the word of the Cause, including the “why’s” for Dorothy Day’s canonization. And there are many! The earliest issues of In Our Time explored the distinctive gifts she brings to the Church. Later issues looked at how she lived the great “theological” virtues of faith, hope, and charity – one of the requisite “proofs” of her holiness – followed by a series of issues highlighting the other requisite virtues, the “cardinal” virtues of prudence, justice, temperance and fortitude. With last Spring’s issue on prayer, we felt we had come full circle: prayer so animating her life and witness.

But with this current Winter 2021 issue, we feel we’re turning somersaults of joy! This issue marks the long-awaited, truly historic milestone: the send-off of the Cause for canonization to Rome. All the 137 archival boxes and over 50,000 pages of evidence attesting to Dorothy Day’s holiness. And, we’re told, even copies of these newsletters.

And it’s graced by the likes of esteemed American Catholic historian, David J. O’Brien, whose gift of a reflection forty-one years now after Dorothy’s death (he had written a much- quoted obituary at the time) can be read in its entirety here. As well as by the prolific oral historian of the Catholic Worker movement, Rosalie Riegle, and our own Guild Advisory Committee members, Colleen Dulle and Gabriella Wille, who share the distinction of writing for publications for whom Dorothy also wrote. Somersaults indeed!

It also marks the last hard copy version of In Our Time which Guild members currently receive four times annually as a benefit of their membership. (If you’re not yet a member, we encourage you to become one and thank you in advance.). In 2022, members will receive in their in-boxes the new digital version (and with color on all its pages). We’re excited!

And we remain committed — in this new and final Roman phase the Cause now enters, gratefully and hopefully — to In Our Time continuing to further our shared conversation on why saints matter in general and why Dorothy Day matters in particular. To invite the exchange of stories from people whose lives, in very different ways, have been affected by Dorothy and the Catholic Worker. To shed a little light on the complex process of canonization. To thank you for your generous help in meeting the ongoing costs of the Cause. And, of course, to keep you abreast of the immense strides we continue to make together in advancing it. All to help spread the belief we hold fast — that Dorothy Day is a saint for our time.

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