Please enjoy reading the Spring/Summer 2018 issue of In Our Time, the Guild’s newsletter. Earlier issues have explored the distinctive gifts Dorothy Day brings to the Church. Current issues are looking at how she lived the great “theological” virtues of faith, hope, and charity — one of the requisite “proofs” of her holiness — starting with this past winter’s issue on charity. This issue is on the virtue of hope, the so called “forgotten” virtue that seems increasingly in short supply. We hope it may restore some!

Guild members receive hard copies of the newsletter, 4 issues annually, as a thank you for their membership.  (If you’re not yet a member, we encourage you to become one and thank you in advance!).  We hope In Our Time furthers conversation on why saints matter in general and why Dorothy Day matters in particular.  We also hope it encourages the exchange of stories from people whose lives, in very different ways, have been affected by Dorothy and the Catholic Worker.  We even hope it sheds a little light on the complex process of canonization while keeping you abreast of all the progress made in advancing Day’s own cause.

Too, we hope it helps to demonstrate (and inspire new) grassroots support for her canonization.  Finally, we hope you not only read and enjoy In Our Time, but also share it with others.  Truly, it’s only you in the end who can spread the word far and wide:  in Dorothy Day we have a saint for our time!

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