Advisory Committee

The Dorothy Day Guild was established in 2005, five years after Cardinal John O’Connor officially requested the opening of her cause, designating Msgr. Gregory Mustaciuolo as postulator.  Its earliest members were present at the first exploratory meeting Cardinal O’Connor convened where they reflected together on Day’s sanctity and on the uniqueness of her legacy, laying the groundwork for his decision to petition Rome.  The Advisory Committee currently consists of thirteen individuals, many of whom knew and worked with Day and all of whom have been profoundly influenced by her life and witness:

  • Alex Avitabile, author of first extensive bibliography of the writings by and about Dorothy Day and the Catholic Worker and a retired attorney whose practice focused primarily on affordable housing
  • Sr. Mary Donald Corcoran, O.S.B., a member of the Benedictine Community and Prioress of Transfiguration Monastery in Windsor, New York, who is a teacher, writer, and retreat leader
  • Tom Cornell*, community member in New York City and co-editor of the Catholic Worker (CW) newspaper in the early 1960s and current member of the Peter Maurin Farm in Marlboro, New York
  • Robert Ellsberg, community member in New York City and CW editor in the late 1970s, author of several major books on Day and editor of her journals and correspondence who has written extensively on the lives of the saints
  • Robert Gilliam, community member originally in the Midwest and later in New York City in the 1960s and frequent voice in the paper for the intellectual and spiritual roots of the movement’s pacifism
  • Geoffrey B. Gneuhs*, former chaplain to the New York City house who presided at Day’s funeral Mass, visual artist who has painted several portraits of Day in her later years
  • Martha Hennessy, peace activist and current member of the New York City CW community who also bears the distinction of being one of Dorothy Day’s nine grandchildren
  • Kathleen DeSutter Jordan, community member and editor in New York City during the VietNam era, a frequent contributor to the paper who for decades, with her husband Patrick, maintained Dorothy’s beach cottage on Staten Island
  • David Mueller, Cofounder and Coordinator of the Dorothy Day Canonization Support Network
  • Most Rev. Dennis Sullivan, Bishop of Camden, New Jersey
  • Msgr. Kevin Sullivan, Executive Director, New York Catholic Charities
  • Louise Zwick*, with her husband, Mark, co-author of major studies on the Catholic Worker movement and co-founder of a house of hospitality in Houston, Texas
  • George B. Horton*, Director of Social and Community Development, New York Catholic Charities
    *Executive Committee