Serving as a Guild Representative

There are many ways of representing the Guild and the cause for the canonization of Dorothy Day in your local parish.  Here are just some suggestions.  Hopefully, they will elicit ideas of your own.

  • Make sure there is a steady supply of Guild brochures and prayer cards available.
  • Post information in your parish bulletin regarding Guild membership.  See sample announcements below.   Announcements may also want to tie in to the liturgical readings for the day or week.
  • If your parish has a Peace and Justice Committee, ask to be a member and assume as a primary focus educating others about Day’s witness.
  • Help organize a “reading circle” to learn about the life of Dorothy Day.  There could be any number of books chosen.
    • One option would be to start off with one book and read a few chapters each week to discuss.
    • Another, more ambitious project would be to pick six books and have a monthly meeting to discuss in September, October, November, January, February and March.
  • Schedule a media presentation to spark a conversation and stimulate dialogue.  Refer “to learn more” on this website for possible film and video resources.
  • Sometime in November, near the date of Dorothy Day’s birth on November 8th or her death on November 29th,  schedule some form of public prayer for world peace (a rosary, for example).   Pass out prayer cards to recite at the end.
  • Arrange for a guest speaker to make a special presentation.  For example, speakers listed on the Dorothy Day Canonization Support Network ( need only their travel expenses covered.  They are generally even willing to stay over as a guest in someone’s home to reduce expenses.
  • Consider reaching out to other parishes, eventually becoming a representative to the entire diocese.
  • Share personally with friends and colleagues beyond your parish community your appreciation of why Dorothy Day matters.  Encourage them to sign the petition.

Sample Bulletin Announcement

Join The Guild for Dorothy Day

On March 10, 2000, The Holy See granted to the Archdiocese, at the request of John Cardinal O’Connor, permission to open the Cause for the Beatification and Canonization of Dorothy Day.  In order to assist the canonization process, The Guild for Dorothy Day has been established.  Its purpose is to spread the word of her life, work, and sanctity and to document her ability to intercede for people in need of God’s healing mercy and assistance.  If you are interested in becoming a member of The Guild for Dorothy Day or would like more information, please visit

Únete al La Sociedad para Dorothy Day

El 10 de marzo de 2000, La Santa Sede concedió a la Arquidiócesis, a petición del Cardenal John O’Connor, el permiso para abrir la Causa de Beatificación y Canonización de Dorothy Day.  Con el fin de ayudar al proceso de canonización, La Sociedad para Dorothy Day se ha establecido.  Su objetivo es difundir la palabra de su vida, su trabajo y su santidad y para documentar su capacidad de interceder por las personas necesitadas de la misericordia y asistencia de Dios.  Si usted está interesado en ser miembro del La Sociedad para Dorothy Day, o si desea obtener más información, visite

5 Responses to Serving as a Guild Representative

  1. Is there already a german spoken group?

  2. Dana Greene says:

    Can you tell me how I can purchase prayer cards for the canonization of Dorothy Day?

    Many thanks.

  3. I’d like to be a rep. at St mark’s Episcopal Cathedral, Minneapolis MN

  4. Jane E Hubbard says:

    Dorothy Day’s paternal ancestors are from the county in which I currently live, Bradley County, Cleveland, Tennessee. I have genealogy information and cemetery locations for a number of these ancestors. Is anyone interested??? I would also like to be a representative for my parish.

    • admin says:

      Sorry for the delayed response, that sounds interesting, maybe drop the main guild email ( a line with some more information, thanks!

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