Membership and How to Join

Joining the Guild is a simple, direct way for someone to acknowledge the ultimate significance of Dorothy Day’s life and uphold her cause for sainthood.   In turn, the steady growth of Guild membership points to the vitality of grassroots support.  We envision developing a national network of support, one that crisscrosses and connects the country, like the interminable Greyhound buses Dorothy once took to visit Catholic Worker houses.

Membership in the Guild includes an annual offering of dues (amounts noted on membership form).  They will be used to offset the basic costs of maintaining the Guild office, as well as the expense of producing quarterly newsletters and informing members of events and new developments.

As part of membership, we invite you to consider serving as a representative for the Guild in your local parish, school, or peace or social justice group (for more information, see Serving as a Guild Representative in the menu above). We need your help to ensure that the story of Day’s life continues to be told, that her witness continues to challenge and inspire.

You may complete the Membership Form in the menu above and submit online or print out and mail the form with your membership dues to the address provided.  We deeply appreciate your ongoing interest and commitment, as well as any and all other support you are able to give.

Thank you!

P.S. You may also want to make a tax-deductible donation.  For more information, see the Make a Donation page.

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