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Help is needed to locate “eyewitnesses” to participate in the official Archdiocese of New York Inquiry into the life of Dorothy Day.  This inquiry constitutes the final part of the local phase of the canonization process.

In all causes for which there are still living witnesses, the evidence of holiness (manifested by the individual’s exceptional or “heroic” practice of the three supernatural virtues, faith, hope, and charity [love of God and of neighbor] and the four cardinal moral virtues [prudence, justice, fortitude, and temperance]) is based, in part, on their testimony.

Eyewitnesses must have firsthand knowledge of some aspect of Dorothy Day’s life and be able to respond to questions as part of an interview exploring her holiness.  The length of time a witness knew her is less important than the quality of that experience and the degree to which it illuminates her virtue.

If you are such an eyewitness and/or if you know of someone who is, please fill out and submit the web form below. Or if you prefer you can print the pdf form here and mail it to: The Dorothy Day Guild, 1011 First Avenue, Room 787, New York, NY 10022.  The Guild is deeply grateful for your playing this critically important role in the canonization effort.

The Dorothy Day Guild


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If the referral is for another person, how do you know them? If the referral is for yourself, what was the nature of your relationship with Dorothy Day?

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