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The Dorothy Day Guild thanks you in advance for your very timely consideration — as we ready the cause to go to Rome — of making a tax-deductible donation. No donation is too small! (Conversely, no donation is too large: please contact the Guild office if you are interested in making a major gift.) Thank you!

Dear Friends,

Her reliance on Divine Providence is only one of the many reasons we see Dorothy Day as a saint for our time. There is her wedding of charity with justice, her life in community among the poor, her practice of the works of mercy, her dedication to Gospel non-violence. How resounding is her witness, how profoundly needed is her model of holiness!

Still, the path to formal recognition by the Church is long and necessarily arduous, beginning with a local inquiry (conducted in the candidate’s primary workplace or residence; in Dorothy’s case, the Archdiocese of New York) and culminating with an inquiry in Rome (conducted before the Vatican Congregation for the Causes of Saints). Joyfully, we share the banner news:


In what often seemed a never-ending task, we have at last completed the compiling of all of Dorothy Day’s over 1,300 publications. Moreover, the theological review of these published works has reached the halfway mark, as has the scanning of her unpublished writings, diaries, and letters (though major work still remains in the transcription of these handwritten documents). And still more eyewitness testimony needs to be taken (with over half already completed). The Historical Commission has embarked on the critical job of preparing its biography and report. So though there is still much important work to do, we can say with confidence:


In two years — with your help — we can bring the cause for Dorothy Day to Rome. We need to gather “loaves and fishes” — trusting in their multiplication — in order to get there. Loaves and fishes that will cover the costs of a canon lawyer, a court reporter, two student archivists, and a sole staff coordinator, overseeing 40 volunteers. No matter the size, please contribute! Just click here: 


And know that we always feel blessed by your generosity, prayers, and kind encouragement. Thank you!—-P.S. All donations are tax deductible. In this respect, they differ from the non-deductible annual dues (coupled to the benefit of receiving the quarterly newsletter) paid by Guild members. For more information on how to join the Guild, see the Membership Page. Our gratitude extends deep and wide to all!

3 Responses to Make a Donation

  1. Mary Beth Becker says:

    By little and by little! Thanks for giving me this opportunity to help.

  2. Carolyn Zablotny says:

    A “loaf” in honor of a dear friend’s birthday.

    Everyone, like Dorothy, should be blessed with a “Peter Maurin” teacher.
    In a Catholic girls’ high school in the Midwest, she was mine.
    Happy birthday, Sharon!
    And happy launch, Guild!

  3. Elaine Madison says:

    Trusting to the multiplication of this modest bread!

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